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Doug Lafortune Origninal Native Painting 2008native art logo page doug lafortune sr.

A touch of traditional class from the Pacific Northwest

Doug LaFortune Sr.

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Doug LaFortune is one of the most widely known names in west coast Indian art.  Born in Bellingham, Washington USA in 1953, Doug started is career as a professional artisan in 1973.  His teacher was the late Simon Charlie, a master carver.  Doug has been commissioned to carve numerous totem poles that have been sent around the world.  His carving ranges from small sculptures to mask to large sculptures and totem poles.  He has a very keen eye for precise details and impeccable sense of symmetry.

carving, grizzly bear mask

“Grizzly Bear ”


carving, native wood sculpture, dancing frog

“Dancing Frog”


carving, mischievous, bear native sculpture

“Mischievous Bear”


winking owl mask, native wood mask

“Winking Owl”


frog, butterfly wood sculpture, native frog

“Dancing Frog with Butterfly”


eagle woman beaver totem pole for sale


Totem Pole

eagle feather limited print, for sale native art

“Eagle Presenting Feather”


raven, moon, man, salmon, bear, frog, native wooden talking stick


Talking Stick

eagle orca owl otter mini totem pole, native totem pole for sale


Mini Totem Pole

indian symbols and mythsdoug lafortune sr., carvingdoug lafortune sr wife helping

Doug and his wife Kathy, who he works very closely with. 

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