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A touch of traditional class from the Pacific Northwest


first nations art for sale

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We now offer a wider variety of types of carvings and more are on the way. To view larger and more detail pictures of each piece please just click on the photo. For more information on any of the carvings featured here or shipping costs please email us

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Heron | Otter

talking stick


Doug LaFortune Jr.

Native Talking Stick


talking stick

gallery wood native art carvings Doug LaFortune Sr's Dancing Frog Sculpture Link

Doug LaFortune Srs Dancing Frog Sculpture

Native Raven wood carving for sale Link

Doug LaFortune Srs Raven and Clam Sculpture

wood carving, douglas Horne Jr, frog plaque

Coming Soon

Douglas Horne Jr

Frog Plaque

Howard LaFortune Jr.

Eagle Mask

Native, Eagle Mask usemap="#MicrosoftOfficeMap1" v:shapes="_x0000_s4378 _x0000_s4379 _x0000_s4380" />wolf mask wood Carving Link
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